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Betta Collection

Looking for betta fish online for your home tank? FishyKart is the one-stop shop for buying beautiful betta fish at the best prices. Bettas are incredibly popular fish and are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta Fish are well known for their fighting spirit and are available in multiple varieties. If you are a fish enthusiast, betta fish takes your fish-keeping hobby to a more exciting level. Explore our website to discover the biggest collection of betta fish.

The Most Reliable Online Store for Bettas

Fishy kart is a fastly growing fish supplier that breeds numerous varieties of betta fish. We are the most reliable online store for betta fish as we have expert aquarists who breed these fish carefully. We have a wide range of female betta fish and male betta fish in various colors.

We Have High-Quality Exotic Betta Varieties Available

As we said above, we have the highest quality betta fish- both male and female and exotic betta fish. Some of our popularly sold betta fish types are Halfmoon betta, Full moon betta, Blue betta, Purple betta, Red betta, White betta, Black betta, Crown tail betta, and Elephant ear betta fish.

We Offer Multicolor Premium Male and Female Betta Fish

Fishy kart provides premium quality betta fish available in multiple breath-taking colors and patterns. The spell-bound colors, patterns and fins of the betta fish make you spoilt for choices. Scroll down to find your to-be pet fish that is going to add a fascinating look to your home.

Delivering Orders Throughout India

We provide fish hobbyists with best-in-class services through our fish breeding and delivering services. Our team of top-notch aquarists breed betta fish in healthy environments and deliver them carefully throughout India. Yes, we ship your favourite betta fish online anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Buy betta fish online now!

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