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Guppy Collection

Aquariums change the whole ambience and bring a fascinating aura to the home. But let's face it.The plentiful varieties of fish available in the market today confuse fish hobbyists. However, if you are midway thinking about which one to pick for your home tank, we (like many other passionate aquarists) recommend fancy guppies.

Guppy fish AKA Million fish are one of the most popular, colourful yet cheaply available fishes for aquariums. Every aquarist or fish hobbyist is familiar with this uniquely beautiful guppy fish.

We are the Top Guppy Fish Suppliers in India

Do you know that Guppy fish are known to be the calmest and most peaceful fish? Before we tell you more about guppy fish facts, if you have already decided to get guppies for your aquarium, Fishy Kart is the top guppy fish supplier in India with a wide range of guppy fish collections.

Great Deals on a Huge Variety of Beautiful Guppy Fish

There are huge guppy varieties that come in different colours and patterns. Some of the guppy fish types we have are Blue Guppy, purple Mosaic Guppy, emerald Green Guppy, German Red Guppy, electric Blue Guppy, albino Guppy, green Guppy, and blue Diamond Guppy, purple Moscow Guppy.

Male and Female Premium Quality Guppies for Sale

Fishy Kart has premium quality male and female guppy fish for sale. Both the male and female guppy fish are uniquely gorgeous. You can see big and colourful tails for the male fish and a triangular shape anal fin for the female fish.

Place Your Order from Anywhere in India

Fishy Kart has a team of aquarists specialising in many popular and rare aquarium fish including guppies. Place your order from any corner of India and we deliver them at the earliest possible. Explore us and buy your new favourite guppy fish online at the best prices now! 

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