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Dwarf Puffer - pea puffer nano

Dwarf Puffer - pea puffer nano


Dwarf Puffer

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Great Snail Eater! Great For Clearly Pest Snails

Maximum size of 1.2-3.5cm

Dwarf puffers hate flake foods. Offer it and they’ll look at you with indignation. They’ll potter across for a curious scan over then let that flake slump to the base, where it’ll sit festering.

Bloodworm is never refused, either live or frozen, and other foods are accepted according to individual fish temperaments. Some will also gorge on frozen Daphnia or Cyclops, some will only accept live.

The same applies to brine shrimp and Tubifex. Invest in a mixed pack of frozen foods, such as a quintet with five different ingredients and see which your fish prefer.



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