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Red Spotted Severum 2" to 2.2 inch

Red Spotted Severum 2" to 2.2 inch


Red Spotted Severum

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The Red Spotted Severum is a color variant of the Gold Severum, where they are selectively bred to augment the red coloration present on the fish. All color variants of Severum are very popular as they are one of the few larger and peaceful cichlids in the hobby and generally do not bother their tank mates. Red Spotted Severums are native to lakes and tributaries of the Amazon Basin in South America.

Though not the true mouth brooding Severum species (Heros Severus), Red Spotted Severums are very attractive and grow larger than their mouth brooding relatives; not to mention their remarkable breeding colors of intensely bright orange-red on their bellies, anal fins, and pelvic fins in addition to their bright red eyes and beautiful green bodies with faint vertical bands.



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