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Rummy nose tetra

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The rummy-nose tetra is a species of tropical freshwater characin fish originating in South America, popular among fishkeepers as an aquarium fish. One of many small tetras belonging to the same genus, it is on average 5 cm long when fully grown, and is a long established favourite among tropical fishkeepers 

Livebearers are the most common fish kept in community tanks, followed by Tetras. Since they are sensitive to changes in pH and temperature, extra care should be taken when changing the water. Rummy Noses love a planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places. The Rummy Nose Tetra has a torpedo-shaped body that is translucent and silvery with a greenish hue. The caudal ray has horizontal black and white stripes, and the head is a fiery red color. The brilliant red color is an indicator of water quality and fish health. Max Size: 4cm

These fish are omnivorous and thrive on aquarium fish foods like TetraMinR Flakes Food, black worms in live form and daphnia.


Rummy Nose is a peaceful schooling fish. It's best to keep them in groups of six or more fish. They can live in a communal tank.



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