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Serpae tetra

Serpae tetra



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The Serpae tetra, also known as the Red Minor tetra, Jewel tetra or Callistus tetra, is a species of tetra, a tropical freshwater fish of the characin family of order Characiformes. It is native to the Amazon River drainage in Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina.


The most common fish in South America is the tetra. The name Tetra is used to describe a group of fish that are characterized by a small adipose fen between the dorsal fin and the caudal. Tetras are not a taxonomic classification, but a term used to describe countless unrelated fish from different families. The second most common fish kept in community tanks is the Tetra. Maximum Size: 4cm


Tetras can eat most aquarium food. Because many species are small, make sure that the food particles do not exceed their mouth size.


Tetras can be kept in large groups and with little difficulty. Tetras are also able to mix with many species, and they make a great community fish.





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